Outline for CUPE Membership Safe Union Spaces Survey

Thank you for participating in CUPE's Safe Union Spaces Survey. On the recommendation of our National Safe Union Spaces Working Group, CUPE has engaged Dennery Resources and Goss Gilroy Inc. (GGI) to assess CUPE member's experiences with gender-based violence and harassment in our union, as well as CUPE's related policies and procedures. Our goal is to prevent gender-based violence and all other forms of harassment and discrimination from occurring in CUPE union spaces.

CUPE's union spaces are defined as conventions, meetings or events hosted by CUPE where members are brought together. These include national conventions, national conferences, schools, different kinds of union meetings including local and division meetings, our social media spaces and all other events organized by CUPE. This survey is not about any experiences of gender-based violence or other forms of harassment or discrimination you may have experienced at work as a CUPE member.

GGI is administering the Safe Union Spaces Survey to all active CUPE members as part of their work with CUPE's National Safe Union Spaces Working Group.

The survey is voluntary, and it will take approximately 25 minutes to complete.

Why is CUPE conducting a Safe Union Spaces Survey?
Despite the considerable measures and tools CUPE has put in place over the years, members continue to experience sexual harassment, gender-based violence and other forms of discrimination in CUPE union spaces. This undermines solidarity, safety and union participation.. By collecting information through this survey, we can better understand the experiences and needs of our members with respect to creating safer union spaces. We can also develop or improve specific programs, policies, and practices that maximize and improve our members' safety in our union.

Potential Risks and Discomforts
This survey contains questions about your experiences of sexual harassment, gender-based violence and other forms of discrimination. You may experience feelings of discomfort or distress when answering these questions. You may wish to have a support person available before beginning the survey. Please remember that you can stop the survey at any time. Resources for support will also be provided at the end of the survey.

Your privacy is protected
Any information you provide when answering this survey is strictly confidential. Your responses will be administered by a third party, GGI, and will be handled in accordance with privacy legislation. All data will be anonymous. Responses will not be tied back to any individuals. Your name will not be asked and personal identifiers will not be used in reports. Data will be used only for the purposes described above.

If you have technical questions about the survey, please contact Dr. Leah Simpkins, consultant at GGI - lsimpkins@ggi.ca.

If you have questions about the CUPE Safe Spaces consultation process, please contact Sandy Kung in the Research Branch at skung@cupe.ca and at 613 237 1590.

Please complete this survey by September 28, 2021. You may start the survey now by clicking the «Next» button below.

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